Monday, April 14, 2014

Beforehand Thoughts

Before I head to London there is a few things I need to get done! Passport, check! Adapters, check! Many other little issues have been dealt with and many I will do directly. London is a very cultural place that I cannot wait to see and experience. I'm really interested to see the architecture of the buildings in person. Google can show me all the amazing buildings from centuries before myself, but to get to see them in person is a whole different world. Being a "typical American" I am nervous about being pushed around and treated differently while in London and everywhere else I may go, but the excitement to get to see how their culture differs from the American lifestyle and especially the part of their nation that deals with my major. We have learned in classes throughout how their criminal justice system works and how the English government is run, but being a hands on learner it will be much more rewarding to my academic standing to see how they run up close and personal. (: 

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