Monday, April 14, 2014

History That Created and Shaped America

To Americans Londoners are thought of as stuck up people who are proper and part of the royal family and live in a gloomy busy city. Yes, there are those people but Londoners have much more depth to them than just that. To me I see people who value history and art, living properly is not a bad thing. Europe is very modern in many ways yet still embrace their culture. I honestly wish Americans could be more like this rather than people thinking of "'Murica" as who we are. I am far from embarrassed to be an American, and will not hide who I am while in London. I do plan on trying to prove that I am not a "typical American." 
History and culture are very important in my life and being able to see how European's do this. Not only in an artistic kind of way, but in the Criminal Justice world. We have all known since the start of our classes that we have evolved our system from the British system. I am so excited to experience first hand the culture that we have come from and what shaped our country. You never hear in the news about London and their involvement in wars like you do America and that also draws me to their culture a lot. The UK seems to be a more pleasant place to live with a low crime rate. Though this may not be true, that was what truly interests me. I want to see what crimes are committed their and see how they go through the system before incrimination. Just like with any other society there is crime where there is people, but Europe has a completely different way to deal with their criminals.
I expect to come away from this trip a different person with knowledge that many people in the general public never get to obtain. Not only is it an experience I want by traveling to London and getting to see their culture but also getting to go to the events the school has lined up for us to be able to see the system for a different country. Every society has a slightly different criminal justice system and to get to be apart of the history that made America what it is today is an experience that is even more rare than just traveling.

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